Trivago - Awards for Niagara-on-the Lake


Niagara-on-the-Lake was named the best value city in Canada for 2015 and 2017 by Trivago. 

Hotel search analyzed cities across Canada based on hotels average price and the destinations’ overall hotel reputation on more than 200 booking sites and has announced the top 15 cities offering the best value in hotels, with Niagara on the Lake at the top of the list.

Each city was given a rating based on the yearly average price of a standard double room, combined with the destinations’ overall hotel reputation based on more than 140 million user reviews, assigning each city a rating out of 100.

Niagara on the Lake had the highest room rate of the top 15 cities, but also the highest rating out of 100.

Niagara on the Lake's average hotel room price was listed at $203, with an overall hotel rating at 88.5/100 and an index of combined consumer ratings and average hotel prices of 91.89%.

Kamloops, BC was second, with an average hotel price of $119 per night, average hotel rating as 76.46/100, and an index of 89.94%.

Toronto came in at number 15, rated 77.78 out of 100, with an average room rate of $179.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is no stranger to awards such as the trivago listing, and each time, it reinforces the work that has gone into the town "branding," says Janice Thomson, executive director of the NOTL Chamber of Commerce.

"This identifies NOTL as the number one value destination, and that's a little different from the other listings."

It shows that people are becoming aware of all the great places to visit, the level of custom service and the amenities, she says.

The recognition the town has been receiving recently shows it's considered a standalone, unique destination, with a very strong brand image, she said.

"And that's not just as a tourism destination, but as a place to live. There is great community pride in living in a town with such a strong image. People are drawn to NOTL not just as a place to visit but to live - it has appeal as both."

Each year a number of Bed and Breakfasts win top awards in different categories. 

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